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2024-2025 College Catalog 
2024-2025 College Catalog

ADN Concurrent Program with Grand Valley State University

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Students planning to enter the concurrent program with Grand Valley State University should first declare the Associate in Science and Arts degree, then work closely with their Kirtland and Grand Valley State University advisor to choose appropriate courses for transfer.  Once accepted into both programs (KCC and GVSU), students will officially declare the concurrent program as their program of study.

Minimum Kirtland Program Requirements: 66-71 credits

GVSU Program Requirements: 24 credits

  • NUR-265 Intro to Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice 3 cr.
  • NUR-311 Dimensions of Nursing Practice 2 cr.
  • NUR-312 Professional Nursing Issues 2 cr.
  • NUR-411 Community-Based Nursing Care 4 cr.
  • NUR-412 Nursing Care for Populations (must be licensed) 4 cr.
  • NUR-414 Collaboration for Nurses (must be licensed) 2 cr.
  • NUR-456 Transformative Nursing Leadership 4 cr.
  • University Requirement: NUR-344 or NUR-354 Health Aging or Life Limiting Illness 3 cr.

GVSU General Education Requirements: 27-31 credits

  • ENG 10403  (KCC) 3 cr.
  • BIO 23700  (KCC or GVSU) 3 cr.
  • MTA Humanities: Choose two courses from two different disciplines from the following classes: ART 10000 ART 10103 , or  ART 11700 ENG 21400  or higher; any history course; HUM 20500 MUS 10100 MUS 12300 MUS 12500 , or MUS 12800 PHL 20100  or PHL 21000 SPN 11000  (KCC or GVSU) 6 - 7 cr.
  • MTA Science: Choose a course from AST, CHE, GEL, or PHY (KCC or GVSU) 3 - 5 cr.
  • MTA Social Science: Choose from ECO, GEO, POL, or SOC (KCC or GVSU) 3 - 4 cr.
  • University Requirement: Culture: U.S. Diversity (GVSU) 3 cr.
  • University Requirement: Culture: Global Perspectives (GVSU) 3 cr.
  • University Requirement: Issues/SWS Course (GVSU) 3 cr.

Minimum GVSU Program Requirements: 120 credits

A minimum of 30 credits must be taken at Grand Valley State University to meet their residency requirement.

Suggested Sequence of Courses:

Year 1 (Summer) 6 credits KCC

Year 2 (Spring/Summer) 6 credits GVSU

  • GVSU-NUR-265– Intro to Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice 3 cr.
  • GVSU-Gen Ed: U.S. Diversity 3 cr.

Year 3 (Winter) 12 credits KCC/3 credits GVSU

Year 3 (Spring/Summer) 7 credits GVSU

  • GVSU-NUR-311– Dimensions of Nursing Practice 2 cr.
  • GVSU-NUR-312– Professional Nursing Issues 2 cr.
  • GVSU-BIO-310– Pathophysiology 3 cr. (If not previously taken).

Year 4 (Fall) 7 credits GVSU

  • GVSU-NUR-411– Community-Based Nursing Issues 4 cr.
  • GVSU-NUR Elective (NUR-344 or NUR-345) 3 cr.

Year 4 (Winter) 6 credits GVSU

  • GVSU-NUR-412–Nursing Care for Populations 4 cr.
  • GVSU-NUR-414–Collaboration for Nurses 2 cr.

Year 4 (Spring/Summer) 7 credits GVSU

  • GVSU-NUR-456–Transformative Nursing Leadership 4 cr.
  • GVSU-Gen Ed: Issues/SWS 3 cr.


  • All nursing programs are subject to change.
  • A minimum of 30 GVSU credits should be earned to meet their residency requirement.
  • Kirtland minimum GPA for program entry is 2.0. GVSU minimum GPA for entry is 3.0.
  • Refer to the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) resources at https://www.kirtland.edu/registrar/michigan-transfer-agreement/.
  • BIO-25000 (Human Anatomy) and BIO-25100 (Human Physiology) are accepted if previously taken and a “B-” or better was earned in each course.
  • Timeframe on science pre-requisite courses (A&P 1 and 2, Med Term) accepted is within five years of application  to the program.
  • Prerequisite classes may only be repeated once for the required grade, failure to be successful after the second attempt will disqualify you from the ranking process (withdrawing and transfer classes do count).
  • Entrance TEAS exam with required score of 65% or higher will be necessary to be accepted into the program. Entrance exam may be taken three times; if the applicant does not meet the required score on the 3rd attempt, the applicant must wait three years to attempt the exam again and be considered for admission.
  • If student has failed out of another nursing program, they may meet with Director of Nursing for consideration of entrance to our program.
  • Felony convictions and certain misdemeanor convictions will prohibit admission to the nursing program. For more  information, please check with the Health Sciences Office at NursingHS@kirtland.edu.
  • Drug testing and background checks of all students will be required prior to final program acceptance.
  • Applications are accepted biannually, January 15th through May 15th for fall admission and January 15th through September 15th for winter admission. Students need to meet with their academic advisor to begin the application process.
  • Immunization records and a recent physical exam are required for final admission.
  • Nursing programs may have cohort groups in the fall and winter semesters. Please note that the Nursing Program is a full-time program that requires attendance in lecture, lab, or simulation Monday through Sunday at any time. Clinical may be assigned during day or evening hours. This will require the ability to maintain a flexible schedule from any applicant. Accommodations for work or personal schedules cannot be guaranteed.
  • Integrity is expected of students. Thus, any form of academic dishonesty in the prerequisite requirements, including plagiarism will be cause for disciplinary action and may result in ranking ineligibility. Please review the Nursing Academic Honesty Policy to learn more.

Students should seek additional information and/or advising from their academic advisor. For an appointment, please call (989) 275-5000, ext. 280.


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