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2020-2021 College Catalog 
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Resources


Located at the Kirtland Grayling location, the Bookstore is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

The Kirtland Bookstore provides textbooks and course materials ONLINE only at our website:

Required uniforms for classes such as Health Science Scrubs are available only in the Kirtland Bookstore. 

Required kits used in Cosmetology, Nursing and Surgical Technology are also only available in the Kirtland Bookstore.

Technology items such as Apple products and laptops are available.  We also have many electronic accessories to go with your new gear, and backpacks and bags to carry it all in style.

The Kirtland Bookstore is the only place to get Kirtland Swag including Under Armour and Nike. Need something for your home office? We carry office supplies. Can’t find what you want in the bookstore? Ask us. We are more than happy to place special orders.

Financial Aid use is easy and welcomed. To contact the Kirtland Bookstore, please call (989) 275-5000, ext. 273 or email: bookstore@kirtland.edu


Cafeteria (Kirtland Grill)

Located at the Kirtland Grayling location.

The Grill is open from 8am to 4:00pm during the semester.

Order your food ahead on the Grill App.  Find us in your App store @ Kirtland Grill. 

The Grill has soups, salads, and pizza slices along with sandwiches, wraps, and pretzels. The Grill offers fresh and healthy pre-packaged “to go” snack packs such as veggies and dip, cheeses, and meats. Breakfast is available during the semester for a healthy start to your learning day. There are daily lunch specials available as well. Most menu items can be made into your own combo meal to save money. To save even more money, you can purchase a Grill Punch Card for $45 and get $50 worth of food and drinks. You can use your Financial Aid to purchase the Grill Cards in the Kirtland Bookstore or in the Student Financial Services Office.   


Class Cancellations and College Closings

Individual Class Cancellation

When an instructor cancels a class, it is immediately posted on the website in the Urgent Announcements section. You can view this at www.kirtland.edu and click on “Urgent Announcements + Class Cancellations”. Cancellations are also posted on Facebook, Twitter and through RAVE. Students should check on Canvas for alternative assignments when classes are canceled.

Emergency Notifications (Rave) for all Locations.

Kirtland Community College has an emergency notification system called Rave. This system is used to inform students of major emergencies, snow day school cancellations, school opening delays, and class cancellations. Students and staff can receive these notifications through email, text message, voice calling (robo-call), Kirtland’s web site, Twitter, and Kirtland’s Facebook page. Registered students are automatically enrolled in Rave to start receiving emails the week before the semester starts. If you would like to receive text messages or voice calls, you will have to choose to opt in. Instructions on enrolling in these services can be found by going to this website: www.kirtland.edu/rave. If you decide to sign up for texting and do not have an unlimited texting plan, understand that Kirtland is not responsible for any extra fees from your cell phone provider. For help setting up Rave you can contact ITS (989-275-5000 x499 or its@kirtland.edu).

When it is necessary to cancel classes due to inclement weather or other unusual circumstance, please DO NOT CALL THE COLLEGE. Announcements of college closings will be made on TV stations and through RAVE. Visit the Kirtland website for urgent announcements such as class or event cancellations, room changes, or anything that is different than expected at: www.kirtland.edu. Closings will also be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

LOCAL SCHOOL CLOSINGS: If local schools which are sites of off-campus classes are closed due to inclement weather, Kirtland classes will also be canceled at that site. Students should check on Canvas for alternative assignments when classes are canceled.

Nursing Clinical:

  • Students having classes on campus should check Kirtland’s home page at: www.kirtland.edu for campus closing announcements.
  • The instructor of the clinical site will decide the cancellation of a class and students will receive word by means of a predetermined clinical phone tree. (For more information, refer to the nursing student handbook.)

The Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning’s primary responsibilities include support for distance education and technology in online, hybrid and traditional face-to-face courses. For instructional design assistance, teaching ideas, recommendations, and questions, you can email online@kirtland.edu or call 989-275-5000 ext. 500 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. You can also submit requests to the Center for Teaching and Learning by accessing Kirtland’s home page and looking under the Quick Links tab on the top of the page or you can go directly to: http://ctl.kirtland.edu. Our online classes are ranked in the top 25 nationally.  Quality instruction and convenience are at the forefront of our online classes.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) explores, promotes, and supports excellence in teaching, with diverse technologies, at Kirtland. Our purpose is to promote excellence in teaching and excellence in student learning inside and outside the classroom. Our goal is to see teaching equally valued with research as a professional commitment of faculty and to provide the training and resources to make excellent teaching possible. Effective teaching encompasses more than just the transmission of subject matter, however. Excellent teaching, first of all, gains the students’ attention and convinces them of the importance of what is being taught and learned.


Library and Tutoring Services


The Library serves the information needs of the students and staff of Kirtland as well as the public who reside within its service area. These needs are met by a professional staff who are able to help patrons find information in a variety of formats, including print and electronic. Reference services are available in-house, by phone, or email. In-depth reference assistance for research papers, speeches, and business plans, along with library instruction for classes and individuals, is available by appointment. For more information, call 989-275-5000, extension 246 or email the Library at library@kirtland.edu.

Resources available in the Library:

  • a print collection of 16,000 volumes including books and reference materials
  • over 420,000 e-books
  • 1,200+ audio books
  • over 800 DVDs
  • over 60 print magazines, journals, and newspapers
  • access to more than 100 electronic databases

Information about the Library’s holdings may be viewed on the Library’s website at www.kirtland.edu/library. Materials not available in the Library may be obtained through inter-library loan. Internet and Wi-Fi connections and a variety of programs are available on computers located in the Library.


Fall, Winter, Summer & Breaks

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Closed Saturday & Sunday


Tutoring is free for any Kirtland Community College student. Individual appointments are scheduled at a time convenient to both tutor and tutee.

To sign up for tutoring:

1. Log into Canvas.

2. Select the Student Resources icon at the bottom of the left column.

3. Select the Tutoring button on the Student Resources page.

4. Follow the on-screen prompts by selecting or filling in information.

5. To complete the request, click the “Send Request” button.

6. You will be contacted by the Tutoring Department within 24-48 hours via a text or your Kirtland email.  Respond to finalize your tutoring request.

In addition, the following services are offered:

Drop-In Math Tutoring

Math help is available in the Math Drop-In Lab located in the Library at Kirtland – Grayling for all current students.  It is one-on-one personal assistance from a part-time math instructor. Students do homework there so help is available when needed.  Check the Tutoring web page (www.kirtland.edu/tutoring) for hours open as they vary semester to semester.  Students may also receive Math help virtually through Zoom, by email, or by telephone.

Writing Center, the OWL, and the Virtual Writing Center

Writing help is available through The Writing Center, the OWL, and the Virtual Writing Center. The Writing Center tutors help with brainstorming, drafting and polishing papers and projects. All current Kirtland students, faculty and staff are invited to make use of either service.

The Writing Center is one-on-one, in-person writing assistance with a part-time English instructor. Located at Kirtland – Grayling, this service is available by appointment or on a drop-in basis during Fall and Winter semesters. The focus is on helping students with papers and writing projects. Check the Tutoring web page (www.kirtland.edu/tutoring) for hours open as they vary semester to semester.

The OWL provides online writing assistance with a 24-48 hour response time. If unable to make it to The Writing Center, the OWL is an alternative option for obtaining writing assistance. OWL information and submission guidelines are located at: www.kirtland.edu/tutoring/online-writing-lab. This service is available during Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters.

The Virtual Writing Center (VWC) provides live, online writing help for students wanting face-to-face writing help but are unable to come to The Writing Center. After completing a short, mandatory VWC orientation in Canvas, the student can email the OWL to set up a ½ hour appointment to meet online with a Writing Center tutor. This service is available during Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters. Contact the OWL for further information: owl@kirtland.edu.

Online Learning

Forward your education without going anywhere! Online courses at Kirtland make it possible. Get an online degree or certificate from Kirtland! Our online students love the flexibility and the freedom of doing their coursework remotely.

Currently we offer the following complete online degrees and online certificates. Please note that we are rapidly expanding our online degree and online certificate offerings, so please check the following link for the most current list: https://www.kirtland.edu/programs-we-offer/online-programs

Associate & Associate in Applied Science Degrees:

  • Associate in Accounting
  • Associate in Science and Arts
  • Associate in Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Health Information Technology



  • Accounting Clerk Specialist
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Medical Billing and Coding


NOTE: Online degree programs may be completed by taking a combination of classes through Kirtland Community College and the Michigan Colleges Online, allowing students to get their degree completely online from Kirtland Community College while paying Kirtland’s affordable tuition rates.

All students are required to complete the MANDATORY Introduction to Canvas course.

You will automatically be enrolled in the free “Introduction to Canvas” course upon registration. You must complete the course prior to the start of your online/hybrid academic courses(s). The Online Orientation courses takes just a few hours to complete.