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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Kirtland Community College Administration

Thomas Quinn, President

            B.A.    University of Minnesota

            M.A.    University of Northern Iowa

            Ed.S.   Winona State University

            Ed.D.  University of South Dakota


Chris Bowman, Vice President of Business Services

            B.S.  University of Michigan Flint

            M.S.   Central Michigan University


Amy Polzin,  Dean of Health Sciences and Nursing

            B.S.     Saginaw Valley State University

            B.S.N. Saginaw Valley State University

            M.S.N. Saginaw Valley State University


Amy Fugate, Vice President of Academic Services

            B.S.     Northern Michigan University

            M.A.    University of Michigan

            Ph.D.  University of Kansas


Debra Shumaker, Director of Library and Tutoring Services

            B.S.     Central Michigan University

            M.S.    Drexel University


John Thiel, Dean of Liberal Arts

            B.A.   Michigan State University

            M.A.  Michigan State University


Michelle Vyskocil, Vice President of Student Services/Registrar

            B.B.A. Western Michigan University

            M.A.    Central Michigan University


Barb Walden, Dean of Occupational Programs

            B.S.  Bellevue University

            M.A. Western Michigan University


Full-Time Faculty and Counselor


Christine Bingle, Instructor: Mathematics

            B.A.    Saginaw Valley State University

            M.A.    Central Michigan University


Pamela Blamer, Counselor

            B.S.     Central Michigan University

            M.S.    Central Michigan University

            M.A.    Spring Arbor University


Jessamyn Boyd, Instructor:  Nursing

            A.D.N  Northwestern Michigan College

            B.S.N. Spring Arbor University

            M.S.    University of Central Missouri


Nicole Claussen, Instructor: Surgical Technology

            A.A.S. Baker College

            B.S.     Baker College

            M.S.    University of Central Missouri


Randi Dodgson, Instructor:  Wood Science Technology

           B.F.A. College for Creative Studies


James Eastman, Instructor:  Sonography

            A.A.S.   Edison Community College

            A.A.S.   Lake Superior State University

            B.S.      Lake Superior State University

            M.B.A.  Central Michigan University


Carol Finke, Instructor:  English

            B.A.    University of Michigan

            M.A.    Iowa State University


Eric Fradette, Instructor:  HVAC

             B.S.   Ferris State University

             M.S.  Ferris State University


Frederic Giacobazzi, Instructor:  English

            B.A.    Wayne State University

            M.A.    Wayne State University


Edwin Gomez Gonzalez, Instructor: Electrical Technology

           B.A. Universidad Nacional de Columbia

           Ph.D. Universidad del Valle


David Green, Instructor:  Science

            B.S.     University of Glasgow

            M.S.    University of Aberdeen

            Ph.D.   University of Edinburgh

            M.D.    University of Glasgow


Heather King,  Instructor:  Nursing

         A.A.S.N.  Galen College of Nursing

         B.S.N.  Indiana Wesleyan University

         M.S.N.  Indiana Wesleyan University

         D.N.P.  Northern Kentucky University


Amy Kuczynski, Instructor: Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

            B.S.     Michigan State University

            Ph.D.   Texas Tech University


Ann Kullenburg, Instructor:  Mathematics

            B.A.  Kalamazoo College

            M.A.  Western Michigan University


Mark McCully, Instructor:  Welding, M-TEC

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College

            B.S.     Ferris State University

            M.A.    Spring Arbor


Robert Oakes, Instructor:  Automotive Technology

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College

            B.A.    Spring Arbor University

            M.B.A. Plymouth State University


Alexandra Peplinski, Instructor:  Mathematics

            B.S.   Alma College

            M.S.  Michigan Technological University


Michael Peters, Instructor: Psychology

            B.A.    University of Northern Colorado

            M.A.    University of Northern Colorado


Scott Rice, Instructor: Art

            B.F.A. Ferris State University

            M.F.A. Central Michigan University 


George Thayer, Instructor:  Information Technology

             B.S.   Oakland University

             B.A.   Oakland University

             M.A.  Central Michigan University

             Ph.D. Central Michigan University


Jon Thompson, Instructor:  English

            B.A.    Alma College

            M.A.    Central Michigan University

            Ed.D.   Central Michigan University


Shannon Weaver, Instructor: Cosmetology

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College

            B.A.    Davenport University

            M.B.A.Davenport University


April Whitaker, Instructor: Nursing

            B.S.     Mount Carmel College of Nursing

            M.S.N. Capella University

Full-Time Support Staff


Nick Baker, Director: Institutional Research

            B.S.     Lake Superior State University


Kristin Barnhart, Director of Finance

            B.B.A. Western Michigan University


Joshua Beaudrie, Groundskeeper & Maintenance I


Matthew Biermann, Director of IT

            A.A.    Kirtland Community College

            B.S.     Eastern Michigan University

            M.P.S. Pennsylvania State University


Irene Borak, Admissions Support Specialist

            B.S.     Michigan Technological University

            M.S.    Michigan State University


Anne Branch, Student Financial Services Specialist

            B.S.     Central Michigan University


Dave Cable, Director of Center for Teaching and Learning

            B.A.    Spring Arbor University

            M.A.    Michigan State University


Marilyn Cole, Administrative Assistant

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College


Rick Daugherty, Lead IT Technician

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College


Brian Downing, Printing Technician


Kemmoree Duncombe, Director of Financial Aid

            B.B.A.  Andrews University

            M.S.A. Andrews University


Cristina Eames, Coordinator Simulation & Skills Lab

            A.D.N. Kirtland Community College

            M.S.N. Walden University


Marj Esch, Director of Web Services

            B.A.     Goshen College


Theresa Feldhauser, Coordinator of Criminal Justice Programs

            A.A.S  Kirtland Community College

            B.S.      Bellevue University


Kathleen Fox, Director of Workforce Development and Apprenticeships

            B.S.     University of Michigan

            M.P.A University of Michigan


Jennifer Gailitis, Accounting Specialist

            A.A.    Lansing Community College


Mikayla Gilliam, Financial Aid Specialist

            A.A.S.  Kirtland Community College


Kathy Graham, Registration Support Specialist

            C.C.     Kirtland Community College

            A.A.S.  Kirtland Community College


Jeff Gorno, Director of Public Safety

            A.A.S.  Kirtland Community College

            B.S.     Ashworth College


Donald Haskin, Athletic Director

             B.A.   Saginaw State University

             M.A.   Saginaw State University


Jake Haulotte, IT Technician

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College


Kari Heil, Payroll Coordinator          

            B.A.     Michigan State University


Jamie Jacobsen, Academic Advisor

            B.S.     Central Michigan University

            M.A.    Central Michigan University


Lori Jewell,  Student and Communication Support Specialist


Renae Klee, Associate Registrar

            A.A.S. Davenport University

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College

            B.B.A. Baker College

            M.S.    Walden University


Cesalee Kuffel, Admissions Coordinator

            A.A.    Alpena Community College

            B.A.    Saginaw Valley State University


Jill Laurence, Assistant Registrar

            B.S. University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

            M.A.  DePaul University


Luann Mabarak, Director and Academic Advisor, M-TEC

            B.S.W. Ferris State University

            M.A.    Spring Arbor University


Tony Madaj, Network Administrator

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College


Seth Magoon, System Analyst


Susie Marshall, University Center Business Financial Supervisor

           A.A.   North Central Michigan College

           B.A.   Spring Arbor University


Dan McWilliams, Maintenance I

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College


Marcy Mikula, Auxiliary Services Associate


Teresa Money, Admissions Recruitment Specialist

            A.A.  Kirtland Community College

            B.S.  Ferris State University


Vanessa Noffsinger, Director of Human Resources

            B.A.  Saginaw Valley State University

            J.D.  Thomas M. Cooley Law School


Kay Nolph, Facilities Assistant

           B.A.  Saginaw Valley State University


Pam Nuttall, Paraprofessional: Science Dept.

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College

            B.S.     Central Michigan University


Shawn Ott, Academic Advisor

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College

            B.S.     Saginaw Valley State University

            M.B.A. Baker College


Thomas Pavelek, Associate Facilities Supervisor   


Joshua Peplinski, Director of Auxiliary Services

            B.S.  Ferris State University


Christophor Perriatt, Director of Criminal Justice and Police Academy 

            A.A.S.   Oakland Community College

            B.A.  American Military University


Terri Robson, Student Financial Services Specialist


Ron Sharpe, Director of Facilities


Stacey Schelp, Health Science Support Specialist

             A.A.S.  Kirtland Community College


Daron Shimel, Lab Coordinator and Maintenance Technician I 

              A.A.S. Kirtland Community College


Kimberly Smith, Student Financial Services Supervisor

             A.A.S. Kirtland Community College


Cassandra Smutney, Assistant Director of Auxiliary Services

            B.S.  Lake Superior State University


Andrea Terry, Academic Advisor

             B.S.  University of Oregon

             M.A.  Michigan State University


Ryan Volz, Information Technology Technician

            A.A.S. Kirtland Community College


Sherri Wallace, Instructional Support Assistant


Shawn Witherspoon, Social Media and Video Coordinator

             A.A.S. Kirtland Community College