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2020-2021 College Catalog 
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HVC 20200 Commercial Refrigeration Systems I

(3 cr.) Lecture-Lab: 2-2
Offered: F,W
Develops an understanding of basic skills necessary for servicing of commercial units such as walk-in coolers, reach-ins, display cases, and commercial ice makers.  Analyzes refrigeration flow-control components, system components, and piping practices.   Replaces:  HVC-11100, HVC-11101, HVC-11102, HVC-11103, HVC-11104, HVC-11105, HVC-11106, HVC-11107, HVC-11108, HVC-11201, HVC-11202, HVC-11023, HVC-11204, HVC-11205, HVC-11206, HVC-11207, HVC-11208, HVC-11209, HVC-11210, HVC-11211, HVC-21300, HVC-21307, HVC-21310, HVC-21313, HVC-21401, HVC-21402, HVC-21404, HVC-21405, HVC-21406, HVC-21407, and HVC-21408. Prerequisite:  HVC 10100 .