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2019-2020 College Catalog 
2019-2020 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Cosmetology, CC


Minimum Credits: 40
Contact Hours: 64


Kirtland’s certificate program in cosmetology is designed to provide specialized instruction and practical application for employment in beauty salons of Cosmetology.  To obtain the required 1500 clock hours required to take the Cosmetology State Board Exam, students will have to take 16 sections, where each section required a completion of 96 clock hours. During COS 13600, qualifying students will receive a State Board Exam application and will be required to do 36 hours of a job shadow experience.  This program prepares students to successfully pass the Michigan State Board Exam, which is required by law to practice cosmetology in Michigan.  Job placement for this program is excellent. The courses are taught in modern facilities utilizing cutting-edge equipment. Students wanting to continue in this program may pursue an Associate in Applied Science – Cosmetology degree after obtaining a license.

Gainful Employment Information for this program may be found at https://www.kirtland.edu/static/gainful-employment/CCOS2.pdf

We welcome high school students into cosmetology programs.

Suggested Sequence of courses:

Year 2 (Fall) 7.5 credits