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2015-2016 College Catalog 
2015-2016 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Getting Involved

Kirtland Center for the Performing Arts

Kirtland Center for the Performing Arts exists as the cultural and entertainment establishment at Kirtland Community College.

Performing Artists Series present a variety of performing arts events catering to the diversity of interests among the members of the Kirtland Community College service district and beyond. The Performing Artists series annually brings world-class entertainment to the campus of Kirtland Community College.

Kirtland Youth Theatre presents an annual youth theater series that introduces the students of the area to live performing arts including Theatre, Music and Dance in a theatre setting.

Kirtland Community Theatre annually produces plays/dinner theatres using Kirtland Community College area citizens. Performances are taken into the communities and/or performed in the Performing Arts Center.

The Kirtland Center for the Performing Arts Offices including Ticket Office is located in the Career Technical Center (CTC) building on campus, room 110.

For more information on scheduled events, tickets and/or becoming a Kirtland Center volunteer, please call 989-275-6777.

Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Omicron Gamma Chapter

Phi Theta Kappa is the official International Honor Society for students enrolled in two-year colleges. Since 1918, it has recognized academic excellence by inducting more than 1.2 million members at over 1,200 colleges in the United States, U.S. territories, Canada and Germany.

The members of Kirtland Community College’s chapter, Alpha Omicron Gamma, engage in projects and services which provide opportunities for individual growth and development. Membership allows for regional, national and transfer scholarship opportunities; transcript and diploma recognition; and distinguished regalia at graduation.

Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is based upon academic achievement. Invitation to membership is extended to students who have completed 12 credit hours, 100-level or above, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5.

For more information about membership in Kirtland Community College’s local chapter, Alpha Omicron Gamma, contact Terry Geary at 989-275-5000, ext. 359, or email at terry.geary@kirtland.edu. Additional information about Phi Theta Kappa can be obtained at the following web site address www.ptk.org.

Student Activities

The college encourages student activities that supplement the instructional program by providing recreational activities that will add to the student’s enjoyment of life and stimulate personal growth and social development. Opportunities for development of constructive leadership, cooperative planning, and special interests will be fostered through participation in student activities.

Student Clubs and Organizations

There are special interest clubs and organizations that offer opportunities for students to broaden the scope of their educational experiences. Students are encouraged to participate in the activities sponsored by the clubs and organizations listed or to contact any member of the student senate, or faculty members, with suggestions for forming new organizations. Membership in all organizations is open to any interested student.

No student club or organization may be established, conduct business, solicit funds, or sponsor activities unless the organization has been approved by the student senate and has been authorized by the college. Students who wish to form a student organization should contact the student senate at 989-275-5000, extension 288.

Student I.D. Card

Identification cards are required for all registered Kirtland students. The Public Safety Office in the administration building will issue cards upon request to all students who register for classes. The identification cards are nontransferable and are valid for one college year. The card permits the student’s entry to many college or student-senate-sponsored functions at no charge or at a reduced rate.

Student Senate

The student senate is the student government organization at Kirtland. The senate is the means through which students can participate in institutional governance by representation on college standing committees. Also, senate members assist in planning a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities held throughout the year.

The officers and senators who comprise the student senate are elected each year by the student body. Senate meetings are held regularly during the year and are announced on the monitors located around the campus. These meetings are open to all who are interested. For a copy of the senate’s constitution, for a petition for nomination, or for other information, contact the Student Senate Office or the Student Services Office.

Veterans Helping Veterans

The mission of the Veterans Helping Veterans at Kirtland Community College is to assist veterans from all eras of the military to more easily adjust from military to civilian life and to be a successful student at Kirtland Community College. Our mission includes serving those veterans (men and women) who are currently serving or who have ever served in the United States military to establish a network of lifelong friendships and to help them be aware of all related benefits and services for which he or she may qualify.